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Key West haunted doll
It’s that time of year again, when stories of hauntings and creepy things are being recounted. There are many haunted in Key West locations that have been reported through the years…the best known is Robert the Doll, the most famous haunted celebrity in Key West!
Homemade leather sandals
Key West is a very unique island with something to offer everyone. Besides the wonderful cuisine and breathtaking scenery, Key West is home to a variety of local shops selling handmade and local goods.
Key West Rooster
Upon a visit to Key West, you might notice one specific and interesting member of the population: wild chickens. These beloved creatures roam the streets or find homes near local hotspots. Learn more about the infamous Key West Gypsy Chickens.
Key West Cigars
Some facts about Key West are pretty well known, such as the 42 bridges you need to cross to get to Key West, and that it never snows. But here are a few tidbits you may not be aware of. Key West's history is as interesting as it is still relevant today.
Green Flash Sunset in Key West
Sunsets in Key West are an event. Every night, crowds gather in Mallory Square to enjoy the sunset, watch street performers, buy local crafts, enjoy food carts and of course, a cold libation.