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Ernest Hemingway House

Key West has been a place authors and many other creative minds have visited and/or lived. Perhaps it is the wonderful weather, friendly laid back people or beautiful scenery that draws some of the most creative minds to Key West.

citronella candle

Want to enjoy your beautiful Key West vacation rental and outdoor space without slathering yourself with harsh chemicals to deter bugs? Let Mother Nature help you keep mosquitoes and the diseases they carry away from you and your family.

key west florida

Sands Beach Club was developed by David Wolkowsky (who also developed The Pier House). Casual atmosphere where you could spend the day on the beach, enjoying delicious seafood/salad bar for reasonable prices.

Key West haunted doll

It’s that time of year again, when stories of hauntings and creepy things are being recounted. There are many haunted in Key West locations that have been reported through the years…the best known is Robert the Doll, the most famous haunted celebrity in Key West!