Shops Unique to The Wonderful Island of Key West

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29 Mar 2017

Shops Unique to Key West


Key West in itself is a VERY unique island with lots to offer. Besides the wonderful cuisine and breath taking scenery, the shops are just as great! There are many local shops that only Key West has. We have selected a few to get you started when visiting. This is just the beginning, please make your way around the island and explore what other stores we have available.

Here are our top choices!

First on our list is Kino Sandals, Inc. Some of the best sandals you willShops Kino Store Logo find anywhere. Using natural leather uppers and natural rubber soles, you can choose from more than 17 styles. These sandals are hand cut and made RIGHT THERE IN THE FACTORY!!! Sandals are available for all ages.

ShopsNext on our list is Besame Mucho. Gracing our island for the past 17 yrs, this store is a great romantic shop. A wonderful staff is there to greet you as soon as you walk through the door. Explore this shop of all the unique and exciting items they have available. Candy, candles, clothing and more!

Key West Aloe is another great store to visit. Aloe is the primaryShops ingredient for many of their products, from sunscreen and pet products to face cleansers. Over 45 years of experience, this is perfect for anyone interested in natural based products.

ShopsLast but most certainly not least on our list is 7 Artist and Friends. Paintings, unique jewelry and other great pieces of art is what you will find here. All products are created by Key West local artist. So stop by and purchase a piece of the island!

While this is a short list of what the island has to offer for those of us that love to shop, visit the places. As you wonder around downtown it is plain to see that there are many more boutiques to explore.