Staying Safe on Vacation in Key West- 10 Helpful Tips

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29 Mar 2017

Staying Safe while on Vacation; Our Top 10 tips to remember…


Staying Safe…..We all enjoy getting away from the stresses of life. Often people like to let loose and be free. While that is completely understandable, please remember that safety should ALWAYS come first. Key West is fortunate to have a low crime rate, but anything can happen here as anywhere else. There are just a few tips to remember in regards to personal safety.

  1. Always lock your doors, that goes for hotel and cars- While crime rate is low, do not set yourself up to be a victim
  2. Do not leave valuables visible in car/hotel- if there is a safe in your hotel room, use it!
  3. Make sure friends/family back home know where you’re staying and who you are vacationing with
  4. Wear sun screen-The sun shines brighter here than most places so avoid “THE BURN”
  5. Hydrate!! Your body needs water especially in the heat, there is nothing worst than being admitted to ER because of dehydration
  6. Scooters/Bike-Wear a helmet at all times and always Follow the rules of the road as if you are driving in a car
  7. Insects – Wear bug repellent to protect yourself from Mosquitos bites etc.
  8. Animals- Yes, it can be exciting to see the iguanas and chickens, just remember do not taunt them, they will not bother you as long as  you do not bother them.
  9. When  swimming or snorkeling, stay in shallow waters
  10. Boaters please avoid shallow waters, watch out for the divers and swimmers

If for any reason you need medical assistance, law enforcement or Fire Rescue please call 911, our city’s emergency teams are here to help in any way  possible. You’re safety is most important!

Above all remember to have fun!!! Enjoy yourself, make memorable moments with your family and friends, just remember to do it Safely.