Shop Locally: 4 Key West Stores to Visit

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29 Mar 2017

Key West is a very unique island with something to offer everyone. Besides the wonderful cuisine and breathtaking scenery, Key West is home to a variety of local shops selling handmade and local goods. While there are plenty of stores to explore, we wanted to share with you our favorites.

Kino Sandals

Handmade leather sandals

Kino Sandals has been on the Island since 1966 offering handmade sandals. Kino sells some of the best sandals you will find anywhere. Using natural leather uppers and natural rubber soles, these shoes come in more than 17 styles. These sandals are hand cut and made right in the factory. Sandals are available for all ages.

Besame Mucho

Local Shop

Besame Mucho opened its doors in 1999. This store is a charming, romantic shop. A wonderful staff is there to greet you as soon as you walk through the door. Explore this shop of all the unique and exciting items they have available. Candy, candles, clothing, body goods, and more.

Key West Aloe


Key West Aloe is another great store to visit. Aloe is the primary ingredient for many of their products, from sunscreen and pet products to face cleansers. Over 45 years of experience, this is perfect for anyone interested in natural-based products.

7 Artist and Friends


7 Artist and Friends sell 100 percent local art. Paintings, unique jewelry and other great pieces of art are what you will find here. All products are created by Key West local artist. So stop by and purchase a piece of the island!

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