Rainy Days in Key West…What To Do?

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29 Mar 2017

Rainy Days in Key West




Rainy days in Key West do not have to be spent locked away in your hotel room or rental property. There is so much to see and learn on this unique and beautiful island. Grab an umbrella and explore some of these interesting places!

Rainy Days - Himeingway houseHemingway House– Ernest Hemingway loved Key West so much that he purchased a home right in the heart of Old Town back in 1931. Take a walk through this beautiful home and witness some of Hemingway’s personal touches. There are antique European furnishings that were collected during his stay in Europe. The garden area is beautiful as well. Take a visit back in time and enjoy one of Key West’s most profound museums.

Custom HouseIn 1891 there was a Richardsonian RomanesqueRainy Days - Customs House structure was built near Mallory’s Square historic Seaport. This building was the home of the island’s customs office, district courts and postal service. Four-stories high and full of interesting facts, art and other historic exhibits. This is a great place to learn a little history about our great island.

Rainy Days - Fort MartelloMartello GalleryThe U.S. Army began to build a fort during the Civil War to provide extra protection against Confederate sea assault. Fortunately there were no battles to take place on or near the island. With there being no use for this fort, East Martello was unfinished and abandoned. In 1950, Key West Art & Historical Society decided to restore this incredible landmark, making it possible for us to explore the battlement’s collection, learn of the wrecking and cigar manufacturing industries and more!

Key West LighthouseWhen the U.S. Navy settled in Key West, itRainy Days - Lighthouse was made apparent that a lighthouse was needed. The lighthouse was used to assure safe arrival for commercial and military ships. Visitors can expect to see photographs, and other belongings of that historic time back in 1848.