Properties are Always Changing in Key West!

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29 Mar 2017
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Properties in Key West Go Through Many Changes

Things are always changing in Key West, and they change, and change again! Many properties in Key West have a history of serving some other function in the past. Sometimes properties change from residential homes, to commercial and back again!


905 Grinnell Street, one of our long-term rental properties, used to be a church! This property is now a 4 unit apartment building, a couple of them with very high ceilings of a church!



419 Simonton was a florist shop from 1930 through approximately 1965. Today this property is a 4 unit apartment with a lovely back yard!



1209 Virginia was originally a single family home, and later turned into a hospital. This stately home is now a 6 unit apartment building, with 2 small pool side houses in the back.


The Red Doors, on Caroline Street was built in 1868 and has many past lives! Originally a real estate speculation office with the owner’s quarters upstairs, it has also been: Ships Chandlery, Grocery store, and famously a bar in the 1950’s that was considered one of the deadliest in Florida! It was locally known as the “Bucket of Blood!” with rooms of ill repute on the second floor. Currently it is mixed use of retail and residential.


Key West is always changing. So when you say that things are not what they used to be…are they ever?!