New Restaurants in Key West, Two Places You Must Try!

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29 Mar 2017
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New Restaurants in Key West!!


New Restaurants in Key West that are a “must try”. This wonderful island is known for many attractions, one being the delicious cuisine. There are two locations that are now on our radar. The Waterfront Brewery and Fisherman’s Café has proven to be a place with awesome customer service and fantastic food!

Opening their doors in 2015 Waterfront Brewery (located at 201 William Street) is a working brewery, restaurant, and entertainment center. They are located in Old Town near the Key West Historic Seaport. Enjoy fresh seafood, drinks, music and a relaxing view of the seaport. One of the best attributes about this place is from the sauces to desserts; it’s all made from scratch!! This is definitely a great dining location for everyone can enjoy.

Fisherman’s Café (205 Elizabeth Street) is a new location making their presence known as of 2016. The food here is beyond delicious! You’ll feel a sense of comfort first step in the door. The menu consists of flavors of Old Key West; cheese grits, steak and egg sandwich, lobster tacos and more. The food is fresh and mouthwatering.

Food makes everyone happy so stop by one of these great locations and enjoy a great meal!