Key West, Meet Our “Other” Residents!

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29 Mar 2017
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Residents Bring a Fright to Key West

Are there really haunted houses in Key West? Absolutely! Here is just a few of the haunted Key West properties, and these you can go and check out for yourself!

residentsAudubon House and Tropical Gardens – 205 Whitehead Street. This stately home was built in 1846 by John Geiger, a prominent ship captain, for his wife and large family of eleven children. The Captain and his wife loved this home and both passed away in the master bedroom. Many generations of family lived in the house, with the last family member named Willie Smith, who was a recluse and passed away in the 1950’s.

The home has been the of interest for many ghost hunting groups. Oneresidents team, CRIPT, Conch Republic Investigative Team, has done coming up with everything from orbs to auto clips of voices! This home is now known as the Audubon House and is a historic home museum open for tours every day. Check out CRIPT website, for some of the interesting clips, and then go visit the home for yourself!

residentsOldest House- 322 Duval Street. This home was built in 1829 and is the oldest surviving house on the island, due to the many hurricanes and fires that have destroyed properties over the years. This home’s current location is on Duval Street, but it was moved there in the 1830’s from its original location on Whitehead Street.

This home was built by Captain Francis Watlington, for this wife and

nine daughters. The last family member to live in the house was Earl Johnson, who pass on in 1972. Two years later the home was purchased and deeded to the Key West Preservation Board. It is now a historic home museum open to the public for tours.

Don’t Be Afraid

The investigative team at CRIPT also visited this home, and the results of the investigation is on their website. They capture everything from voices of children, to direct responses to questions!

Some other places to check while you are on the haunted trail; Hard Rock café, Key West Light House and the Key West Cemetery to name a few. Check them out and see if you can connect with our “other” Key West residents! When you are walking around town at night…when the moon is clear…snap some photos of the homes…see who is looking out at you!!