Hurricane Season Vacationing - Tips on How to Prepare Yourself

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1 Sep 2021

Hurricanes are a part of life for those who live near the water, and if you're planning a vacation in one of the many areas that are prone to hurricane weather, it is important to be prepared. Here are some helpful tips to know before you travel to Key West.

When is Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Season begins June and lasts through November. Peak season is mid-Aug to late October. There is an average of 6 hurricanes a year, approximately 3 are considered “major”n is Hurricane Season?

Travel Insurance

As we all know, plans can change so we strongly advise guests to purchase travel insurance.  At Home Key in West has partnered with Red Sky Travel insurance.  You will have the opportunity to choose travel insurance when you make your reservation or you can reach out to them directly.  Read more about Red Sky's Trip Preserver policy. Read More About the TRIP PRESERVER PLANS including how to File a Claim


Vacation Hurricane Safety Tips & Preparation

  • Purchase Travel Insurance - Normally the insurance policy needs to be purchased prior to a storm being named. Travel insurance doesn’t ALWAYS protect you so ensure to ask as many questions as possible so that there is a clear understanding of the policy.  (Also check the refund policies).
  • Hurricane Policies - Contact the establishment in which you are staying during vacation to request details on their hurricane policies. During a weather event, you can call the At Home in Key West office (305) 296-2594 
  • Download Health and Safety Apps - There are some apps such as “The Red Cross Hurricane App” that will allow you to track hurricanes and weather conditions in specific areas. Some apps will also give Storm Warning Alerts.
  • Keep a copy of all important documents - i.e. Itineraries, Driver’s License, credit cards, passport ID page in case the originals are lost or damaged.
  • Have an emergency plan in place - Ensure everyone in your travel party and maybe someone back home knows of it.
  • Have storm supplies handy - Of course, you do not want to pack a huge amount of things but if possible find a way to pack a few supplies that may come in handy if a storm arrives. Here are some items which are helpful to have:
    • First aid kit
    • Bottled water
    • Mini flashlights
    • Batteries
    • Rain gear
    • Blankets
    • Canned foods
    • Can opener

It is important to have “all of your ducks in a row” when traveling during such an unpredictable time. Although storms cannot be prevented, we can prepare ourselves as much as possible. You will find other helpful information on our FAQ page

Remember safety for yourself, family and friends are most important.