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29 Mar 2017
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   Going Green in Key West!

Everyone is doing their part for “going green” these days and we couldn’t be happier! Here in Key West, with such a beautiful and fragile eco system, green initiatives are important. Here are some of the Going Green successes happening in Key West.

Going GreenCity of Key West received a grant to removed old high energy use light fixtures and install energy efficient lighting in 166 street light fixtures in Old town.

Two local businesses were awarded for their outstanding recyclingGoing go efforts by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The Green Parrot achieved a 59% recycling rate, and The Blue Heaven a 61% rate. Hooray for their efforts!

Going GreenThe GLEE Community Garden – By becoming members of the GLEE Key West Community Garden, residents of Key West have the option to grow some of their own food with individual plots and common bed areas. The Garden has developed rain-harvesting, and composting systems that demonstrates sustainability and water conservation.

Do you own or rent a Key West home and need some hints to save water with your landscaping? Monroe County Extension Services will help you with information on landscaping your home with low-maintenance, low water use and native plants. You can contact them at: 305-292-4501 or at http://monroe.ifas.ufl.edu

How about some free mulch to assist with the low water use? Go to the Keys Energy Services site at: http://keysenergy.com/mulch.php and fill out a request form for your free truckload!

Lots of older properties in Key West had old cisterns to collect rain water. More people are setting up cisterns to help with the water usage on their property, for landscaping and other use. Need more information? Take a look at the Florida Green Building Coalition site at: www.floridagreenbuilding.org/home .

If you have some other ideas on how to be Green in the Keys…leave a comment and let us know!