Games To Play on a Family Vacation

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29 Mar 2017
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Games to Bring Along on a Family Vacation


Taking long family trips can be hard on kids. Here are some games the family can play together to pass time.


Bananagrams is compact and easy to travel with because it comes in a fabric banana! Kids will love it and it can easily be put in the back of a car pocket or backpack for table top play. This is great for teaching kids words and critical thinking.

Spot It on the Road

We have all played a little I spy on the road; this game that comes in an easy to pack tin has things to spot that the family can play together. A bit like travel bingo or real life bingo, this will pass hours in the car quickly.

Guess Who?

If you have two kids in the back seat, Guess Who is the perfect lap game. It has no extra pieces and the boards can sit on kids’ laps in the backseat while they will play for hours.


Who doesn’t love this classic card game? Kids of all ages can play anytime, anywhere.

License Plate Game

I have loved this game since I was a kid and I beg the kids to play it with me on every road trip. I print out a list of all the states ahead of time and have them cross off each one as we find them.

A through Z Scavenger Hunt Game

Each child has a piece of paper and they write the letters A through Z on it. For each item they find that starts with a certain letter of the alphabet, they write it down. The first one to find an item for every letter wins.

*We give bonus points for multiple words for each letter.*


The object of the game is to not finish spelling a word. For example: first person says C, the next person says H, the next person says A, the next one says I, the next one says R. That person just completed the word CHAIR, so they get a letter “G”. The first person that has five words end on them and spells the word GHOST is out. All words must be at least four letters.