Family Vacation – Tips for Vacationing with Children

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29 Mar 2017

Family Vacation, Let the fun Begin!

Family Vacation - Baby playing in the sand with a pink and green bucket

Taking a family vacation with children is not always easy. Here are a 10 tips to help make traveling a bit easier.

  1. Talk to your children about where you plan on vacationing, not too far ahead as they may ask repeatedly when you are leaving etc.
  2. Make a list for each child and what you need to bring.(This list should include reading books, coloring books, games, snacks etc.)
  3. Pack the luggage at least 5 days prior to leaving. (This gives you time to  ensure nothing is forgotten)
  4. Try to refrain from scheduling to much on your trip. (With kids it is often hard to be on time, you don’t want to feel stressed to do a load of things, plan some things and play the rest by ear)
  5. Let the kiddos choose a few activities to do while on vacation. (Research what there is to do, give the kids maybe three or four activities to choose so that you are more likely to do things that will interest them)
  6. Check around for “Family Deals”. (A lot of places, have discount rates for families, or kids eat free)
  7. If you have small children, take a stroller along if possible, or look into renting one. (This will come in handy when the little ones are getting tired of walking, or feeling a little sleepy)
  8. Rest well before you leave for  the trip. ( You will need your energy, sleep will also keep your stress level down.
  9. Nap time! (For the small children, a little nap during the days of vacation will help keep them in a good mood and energized for all of the great activities planned)
  10. Remember, unexpected events happen, delayed flights, hotel room not ready, car problems etc. ( Try to remain calm, and relax. Keep the kids occupied and just be patient)

Hopefully these tips will ensure your family has one of the best vacations ever! Take pictures, have fun, make memories!