10 Tips to Stay Safe on Vacation in Key West

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29 Mar 2017

Going on a vacation feels like an escape from reality, and sometimes that leaves us feeling less alert than normal. While Key West is fortunate to have a low crime rate, it's important to remember that even in paradise you need to make an effort to stay safe. Here are a few simple tips to keep yourself and your belongings safe while on vacation. 

Always Lock Your Doors

Always lock the doors to your vacation rental and car. Check to be sure that all doors and windows are locked before leaving your rental or car so you can have peace of mind while out and about. 

Do Not Leave Valuables Visible

Be sure that any valuables that you have are kept in a hidden place. Your laptop, tablet, jewelry, and other high-price items should always be left in a safe place. Whenever you can, keep these items in your rental home rather than your car. 

Tell Someone Your Plans

Make sure friends and family back home know who you are vacationing with and where you’re staying. It's helpful to share an itinerary with others so they can not only be sure of your safety, but they also know where you are in case of emergency and they need to reach you. 

Wear Sunscreen


Whether or not you're spending a day at the beach, you're getting some sun. The sun is hot in Key West, so be mindful of applying sunscreen multiple times throughout the day. Before you go out in the morning, wear sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. If you are out on the water or sweating, be sure to reapply fairly regularly. If you're out and about in town, you should still reapply throughout the day. 

Hydrate Appropriately

When in Key West, you may be trading water for margaritas on the beach, but be sure you're still getting plenty of liquids to keep you hydrated. Because the sun is hot out here, you may sweat more than normal and increase your chances of heat stroke or dehydration. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go, and always get water with your drink to be sure you're staying safe. 

Be Safe on Two Wheels

It's fun and easy to get around Key West on a scooter or bike, but be sure to follow the rules of the road and always wear a helmet. Be cautious of other drivers and pedestrians when on the road. 

Wear Bug Repellent

bug spray

Bugs can be bad, so always be sure to protect yourself against mosquitos. There are ways to naturally repel mosquitos while at your vacation rental, but also wear repellent when you're around town. 

Keep Your Distance From Animals

Yes, it can be exciting to see the iguanas and chickens, just remember do not get too close. These animals are wild and can get easily frightened. 

Stay Safe in the Water

When swimming or snorkeling stay in shallow waters and always look at signs. Go to beaches with lifeguards and keep in mind the current tide cautions and safety concerns. If you're going on a snorkeling trip, follow the advice of your guide. 

Know Boat Safety


Boaters should always follow the rules of the water and avoid getting into shallow waters. Be mindful of swimmers, snorkelers, paddleboarders, kayakers, and more. 

If for any reason you need medical assistance, law enforcement or Fire Rescue please call 911, our city’s emergency teams are here to help in any way possible. Your safety is the most important!

Start Planning Your Key West Vacation

If you're able to stay safe on your vacation, you can enjoy every minute of it. Book one of our vacation rentals in Key West today to start planning the ultimate vacation to the Florida Keys.