10 Things We Can't Live Without in Key West

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29 Mar 2017


10 Best Things About Living in Key West

Everyone has something that they feel they just can’t live without, and Key West locals are no different. If you're planning a Key West vacation, try a few things locals love about living on this island. 

Here is a list of the things we love most about Key West.


Key West Sunset

We love our sunsets! Everything stops at the appointed sunset time, and we all enjoy the ending of the day, as well as the beginning of the evening!


For us early birds, the joy of seeing the sunrise every morning is just something we MUST do! From anywhere in town, a quick walk or bike ride brings you to the water’s edge to watch the day begin.

Blue Skies 

We just can’t get enough of them. When it gets cloudy, or even rains…it throws us all off center!

Beach and Water Time

Key West Beach

Hanging out on Key West beaches or enjoying water sports, like kayaking, paddleboarding, or jet skiing, is really the best this life has to offer. There is nothing better than quality water or beach time.

Cuban Sandwiches

That’s right…those luscious sandwiches filled with ham, pork and cheese on Cuban bread…yum!

The Wildlife

We have everything from sea birds like; Herons, Egrets, Osprey…to Iguanas and Chickens! Look around, they are everywhere!

Happy Hour 

Key West Cocktails

Anywhere and everywhere there is a Happy Hour to enjoy! Key West bars are energetic and eclectic. Go bar hopping or find a cozy spot to camp out in for the evening. 

Short commutes 

Most people think of how long it takes to get to work or the store in terms of driving time…we think of bike riding time! You can get anywhere by bike, but if you have to drive, you certainly save money on gas!

The Food 

When it comes to dining in Key West, variety and creativity is everywhere! Whether it is a fresh catch, Southern favorites, Latin flavors or Asian specialties. You can get just about anything in Key West!

The People 

We love our Key West peeps. People living in Key West are so nice, kind and thoughtful. Everyone is your neighbor!

Plan Your Key West Vacation

Sound like Key West might be a great place to visit-- or live? Browse our Key West vacation rentals and start planning your vacation today. We know you may never want to leave.