National Chocolate Chip Day…Time to Celebrate!!

National Chocolate Chip Day….Yummy!!!!

National ChocolateChip Day - chocolate chips in shape of heart

National Chocolate Chip day is one the best days of the year, this may not seem important to some but my taste buds would beg to differ. Chocolate Chips alone are one of the GREATEST ingredients created by man!

A woman by the name of Ruth Wakefield worked for Toll House in 1937, located in Whitman, MA. While working she had an epiphany, cut up chunks of semi-sweet Nestle Chocolate bars and add them to the cookie dough. Wouldn’t you know that was one of the best ideas ever!

The chocolate chip cookies were such a huge success in 1939, Nestle and Ruth signed an agreement to add her recipe to the packaging and in exchange she would receive a lifetime supply of chocolate. Could you imagine free chocolate forever???? Sounds like the life to me.

Chocolate chips are available in a variety of flavors; bittersweet, semi-sweet, mint, white chocolate, dark chocolate, dark swirled and white. The possibilities of delicious desserts that could be made are nearly endless!

Some people like to use them for cookies, breads, pies, brownies, cakes, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, cannolis, muffins or to just eat right out of the bag… I could literally go on and on but I am sure your tummy gets the idea!

Here is a quick maybe even healthy recipe to try in honor of National Chocolate Chip day, have over your family and friends and give it a try:

National Chocolate Chip Day - apple slices with chocolate chips, caramel sauce and coconut shavings

Apple Nachos




I am unsure as to who created this marvelous day, but I personally would like to say thank you and an even bigger THANK YOU to RUTH!!!!