Celebrate National Potato Chip Day!


National Potato Chip Day bag of chipsYes, it’s true a day has been set aside to celebrate the creation of one of the best snacks created…..POTATO CHIPS 

FUN FACT #1: Americans consume 1.2 BILLION lbs. of potato chips a year!

FUN FACT #2: George Crum was an Irish Chef who had a very difficult customer back in 1853. The customer returned their dish of fried potatoes to the kitchen, saying they were soggy and way too thick. Crum sliced the potatoes really thin making it difficult to eat with a fork…. Creating what we know now as potato chips!

How does one celebrate this spectacular day you may ask…?

Buy as many bags of your favorite chips as possible and eat them, share them with friends and family, eat them with lunch, dinner and maybe even dessert.