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St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Key West

One of the most anticipated Spring Holidays in Key West, St. Patrick’s Day, is around the corner. If you happened to be in Key West, you have noticed by now that more andSt. Patrick's Day more revelers are sporting appropriate green outfits and shamrock shaped accessories.  In celebration of one of the year’s most bawdy holidays we are dedicating this blog post to everything Irish, Shamrock and Beer! And more beer!

McConnells Irish Pub in Key West Florida is one of the most unique places one can go. They offer local seafood delicacies, traditional Irish fare, drinks as simple as an ice cold beer to the most intricate mixology, live music, events, sports, family atmosphere and timed debauchery, with a staff unmatched and an owner whom is always present… Jerry McConnell, owner, has completely reinvented McConnells and has spared no cost nor personal blood sweat and tears to make this the only place you want to come. McConnels is located at 900 Duval Street, the pub is open every day till 4 AM.

With a great line up of entertainers every day and night, Irish Kevin’s is second to none when it comes to providing a good time. Be careful because you may find yourself on stage with a mouthful of tequila or Guinness at any moment. They offer a large selection of draft beer and you can spot the place from afar with a large crowd of patrons blocking the doors trying to get in. Located at 211 Duval Street. For more information, visit

The Shanna Key Irish Pub is home of the ” Southernmost Pint in the USA!” They have a great staff delicious food and affordable beer selection. The location is perfect – a block from Smather’s beach and a quick taxi from Duval Street. Shanna Key is a true sanctuary for locals and sports fans with plenty of free parking. The Shanna Key Irish Pub is Key West’s home for sports. They  carry all major (and not so major) rugby and soccer matches year-round.  If NFL is more to your taste, settle in on Sunday because we also carry the full NFL ticket.  1900 Flagler Avenue, Key West Florida. 305-295-8880



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