Our December Favorites. Where to eat, drink and have fun!

piscesIf you wish to celebrate the holidays in style, Pisces is the place to go! Café Des Artistes, now Pisces the renowned restaurant in the heart of Key West, was opened by restauranteur Timothy Ryan in 1983. A veteran of the Washington D.C. restaurant scene, Ryan was one of the first to bring fine dining to the Tropical out post of Key West. Café Des Artistes has always been known for its excellence and delicious seafood offerings one of which, the award winning Lobster Tango Mango has been the most famous signature dish for over 15 years. Of course, the Lobster Tango Mango is featured on Pisces new menu along with many of our favorites such as the Yellowtail Atocha, Raspberry Duck and Filet Mignon. On the Appetizer side you should continue to with the famous Foie Gras and or Fruits of the Sea in Pastry now called Pisces Aphrodite. If any of you should have a chance to try Pisces please do not forget to share your comments. We appreciate them very much!

Fast becoming fan favorite Tavern & Town is located just off grand lobby of Marriott Beachside Hotel at 3841 N.Roosevelt blvd. Here luxury surroundings and the simple pleasures of life come together in perfect harmony. And here you will find as many reasons s4to linger as there are tempting items on our inspired menu. Your choices range from steakhouse favorites to the incomparable seafood bounty that has brought visitors to Key West for generations. What’s more, we welcome you and your guests to sit directly in front of our Tapas Theater Kitchen, where you can watch as our brilliant chefs embellish international favorites with the unique flavors of Old Key West.

Singing, stories and striptease, all by the sexiest Santas you have ever seen. Join Key West key-weat-theatres-burlesqueBurlesque as they host hilarious Holiday Show Spectacular in the Blue Heaven Bordello. Accompanied by a live band and super star vocalists, this pageant of Christmas cheer is sure to have your belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly this year. This special holiday show will only be playing for two nights with two shows each night. For tickets and times call 305-296-8666


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