December Favorites

Oldest HouseIn a few days we will wave our goodbyes to 2014 and cheer to ring the new 2015!. The outgoing year was remarkably positive in bringing new lives to the old houses in historic Key West by Old Island Restoration Foundation. A special shot out goes to the project at 322 Duval Street known as the Oldest House in Key West. Built in 1829, the house has survived fires and hurricanes over the years but is now in need of major repairs which include: critical foundation and floor support, plumbing and electrical, leaking roof and gutter repair. A portion of the revenue from our House Tours is used to maintain the house, but we are now facing a significant expense beyond normal and we are asking for your support. Please check out that website and see what houses are offered on Annual House Tours this season. You also can boy tickets by clicking here!


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