May 4th-13th- Key West Mystery Fest

Key West Mystery Fest kicks off today. 10 days of mysteries and mystery-related events will include:

Crime Scene Photography – How long will it take you to solve the crimes? “Crime Scene Photographer” is an exciting, first-of-its-kind mystery game, custom-designed for the Key West Mystery Fest. You and your team will hear the stories and witness the suspect statements

”Monk” Night at the Cinema- Meet Andy Breckman (creator of Monk) and Hy Contrad (writer/producer of Monk) and hear how the Emmy Award-winning TV show was created, written and produced.

Behind the Scenes- Go “behind the scenes” of the mystery, Home Exchange, and find out how the set for a mystery is designed, constructed and staged.For more information on all events please visit Key West Mystery Fest


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