January 29- Annual Schooner Wharf Bar Wreckers Cup Race Series

Local captains, crews, and passengers will race the seven miles out to Sand Key on a quest for Bragging Rights, Rum, T-shirts, Bar Tabs, and more.

On the “day of wreckoning” boats in five different classes will reenact the times in Key West history when wreckers would race to a disabled ship, rescue the crew, and then lay claim to the cargo.

Captains and crews will not be the only to participate in the fun. The race is a great way for captains to fill their charter boats for an afternoon sail. As visitors to the island get to take part in a local adventure, spectators can watch the madness from Schooner Wharf Bar while getting an up-close look at traditional and majestic wooden boats.

Come join your friends, captains, and mates for a day of rivalry on the high seas. For more information please visit Schooner Wharf Bar

Photo courtesy of www.schoonerwharf.com


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    Art Plewka

    How can I get aboard a boat in the Wreckers Race as crew or paying passenger?

    Vacationing in the Keys the month of March. 30 years a sailor on the Great Lakes.


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