Key West Museums

Key West’s long and colorful history includes shipwrecks, renowned artists, literary legends, and more. The history and cultural richness is preserved and celebrated in the city’s many museums. Some include:

The Key West Lighthouse and Keeper’s Quarters Museum was built in 1847 to aid to ships navigating dangerous reefs off of the keys. The tower and nearby Keeper’s Quarters have been faithfully restored and is now one of Key West’s finest historical site. For more information visit Key West Lighthouse

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The Customs House served as a post office, court house, and government center when wrecking made Key West the richest city, per capita, in the U.S. Now the big red brick building is home to the Key West Art & Historical Society. For more information visit The Customs House

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The Key West Shipwreck Museum combines actors, films and the actual artifacts from the 1985 rediscovery of the wrecked vessel Isaac Allerton, which sank in 1856 on the treacherous Florida Keys reef. For more information visit The Shipwreck Museum

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