ommPeace Yoga & Massage Therapy

Looking for a way to relax this Holiday Season?  Meet our friend and massage therapist, Gail Marshall!  

Gail, owner of ommPeace Yoga & Massage Therapy, has been a licensed massage therapist since 2005 and a licensed yoga instructor since 2008.  She offers a variety of relaxation and pain management services, with a specialty in deep tissue and myofascial massage.  You can book massage appointments or private yoga sessions with Gail in her studio, located over the water, at The Heron Building on N. Roosevelt Blvd in Key West.  Each session is tailored to the clients own specific needs making it a truly unique and individual experience.

Whether for stress relief or relief from chronic pain, a session with Gail can make a huge difference to one’s well being!  Visit ommPeace Yoga & Massage Therapy online for more information and to schedule an appointment. 

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