Reader’s Choice Awards

Here’s a chance to make your voice heard! Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine is taking votes for its annual Reader’s Choice poll. With a circulation of over 685,000, and a current total of 105,851 votes and counting, this poll is becoming a hit! You can vote on any of your travel-favorites, such as airline, cruise line, and even your favorite PDA (personally, I’m a Blackberry fanatic, but I know all you iPhone-fans Love to brag about how much cooler your apps are… )

Just remember, when you get to the “Hotels” section of the poll, under the selection for Preferred Lodging Choice, choose VACATION RENTAL! That’s us (and companies like us) who provide you with full Vacation Rental services, in your home away from home. Making your Key West vacation memorable is our top priority, and you can be sure we’re doing our very best to make you feel At Home in Key West!


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