Parrot Heads in Paradise: Meeting of the Minds

Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.  is a Not for Profit Corporation. Parrot Heads in Paradise are involved in activities that are charitable, educational and benefit the local community.Parrot Heads in Paradise purpose is to help communities and environmental concerns. Parrot Heads share a passion for their communities as well as an interest in the music of Jimmy Buffett.

Parrot Heads in Paradise: Meeting of the Minds comes to Key West November 5th- November 8th.

These Parrot Heads party with a cause as they have daily blood drives at the Casa Marina. They have the Paradise Charitable Foundation that assists charitable and environmental causes worldwide daily as well. On Friday November 6th there is the Margaritaville Street Fest that is a must see.

There are so many events planned there isn’t enough room to list them all. Visit for a complete list.


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