47th Annual Conch Shell Blowing Contest

The 47th Annual Conch (pronounced KONK) Shell Blowing Contest is happening on March 7th starting at 1:30. The Shell Blowing Contest is held at the garden of the Oldest House in Key West, 322 Duval Street.

The event is free to everyone who wants to participate in this Key West activity and tradition.  For those who do not have their own conch shell in their possession they are available for purchase at the event.

Participants are asked to pre-register for the event at the Oldest House Museum from 11:30 to 1 p.m. the day of the event, or at the event itself if space is still available.

Particpants will be judged on the quality, duration and loudness and

Entrants are judged on the quality, duration and loudness, and novelty of the sound they produced.

For more details about the event visit: http://www.oirf.org/event.php?id=10

Picture by  http://www.oirf.org/event.php?id=10


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